i need this stool

In a recent post I mentioned how we have a Chambers stove that we are considering having restored. Of course Chad has been researching the heck out of Chambers now. I found this picture in a manual or cookbook we found online. It is a pic of the "Home Economics" kitchen in the Chambers factory (now gone, of course) in Shelbyville, IN.

What I LOVE is that stool.

Check it out! It is a step stool...but flip it over and it is stool you can sit on. What a fabulous idea for the "not so big" house! I wish I could find one. I'm going to have to find someone to make me one. Any takers?
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Emily said...

I'm so jealous of your Chambers stove! Prior to purchasing our new applicances, I seriously considered buying a c.1940 Chambers stove and having it restored. A lot of cooks swear by them! The stool is awesome! I'd love one too!

moggiesten said...

I've got it! But mine is oak.


carmen said...

i'm so jealous about the stool - where did you get it??

DYSB said...


Search for "Step Stool Chair" on this website.