Door Shades

Here are the shades for our front and side doors that Chad's mom made for us. I was finally able to upload the photo. Like I said, we ordered the fabric from the company we bought our roman shades from so it matches completely. We were going to try to coordinate some fabric, however, we just couldn't find anything we really liked. The shades for the doors are great - a little light still gets in and we can sort-of see outside but finally no one can peer in on us! Yeah! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!


lauraloops said...

Hi! I just moved to the neighborhood and recognize your house! It's one of my favorites. Where did you get your roman shades? I have similar windows, and the PO left crappy blinds that break every day. Love the blog!

carmen said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! I looked at some of your pics from your blog and your house looks cute! Crazy about the woodwork on your staircase! Very nice. We bought our blinds through Budget Blinds. We feel that he did a great job at helping us pick out what we wanted. So far we're really happy with the simple look they add to the house. If you are interested in talking to the guy who helped us let me know and we can find a way to exchange the information. :)