What's Happenin'

What has been happenin' here at Irvington Bungalow these past few weeks...read on, my house friends.
It's been awhile since my last post. Things have been hectic the past few weeks. The semester finally ended but that came with a lot of work before hand. Then I went to Florida for about a week with my father. We went to Pensacola and Sarasota. We drove which is somewhat of a shock to my system given the fact that my father flies commercial planes for a living...but whatever. It was nice to spend quality time with him. Um, here is a picture of my dad. I stopped to admire the little tiles that together spelled (obviously) the word "hungry" on either side of the doorway of what appeared to be an old soda fountain shop but is now a bar/pub in downtown Pensacola. For some reason by dad felt the need to do this. So I took a picture.

(play dead...or starving)

Before I left and while I was gone Chad was busy finishing up a project that has taken up about a year so far. A big thank you to Jim and Dick for helping us out.

(Chad and his dad, Jim, working on a new outlet in the office before I left).

When I returned Chad's mom and her husband, Dick, were here. Dick helped Chad on some house stuff and Chad's mom was here to visit and present us with our curtains. As you may remember we had roman shades installed a few months ago. We have two wood and glass doors that needed coverings as well. Because we are picky and we didn't want something that would be banging against our precious :) wood doors every time we opened and closed the door, we decided to go with something similar to what was already there but with a different material. We ended up buying material that our blinds are made out of from the company where we ordered our blinds. Chad's mom sews (she is so so good) and she made our door coverings. They are wonderful and just what we wanted! Finally we can see out a little bit but people can't see in. What a good feeling. Okay I've tried to upload a picture of the curtains about five times but blogger isn't uploading it for some reason. I'll try to add it later.

Well, my iPod is done charging which means I have to stop procrastinating and get to work on the house. Damn.

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