Soapstone Obsession

Now that I have a *little* extra time on my hands, I am beginning to think (dream) about our future kitchen. I have successfully quite thinking about the kitchen at all. I don't think about the one we have now because it sucks - ugly, no room, ugly, no dishwasher, ugly, no icemaker, uh...did i mention ugly? And I've successfully not entertained any thoughts about the future kitchen for awhile because, well, it depresses me. But recently I've started thinking about what the future holds for our ugly, tiny kitchen. Right now I'm obsessing about soapstone countertops. Okay, the kitchen isn't happening any time soon (surprise, surprise), however, does anyone have experience with soapstone countertops? Just curious.
Aren't the countertops just so...beautiful? It reminds me of science class. Not that I really liked science class or anything.

(Photo from: http://www.vermontsoapstone.com/soapstone_ctexamples.asp)

The other thing I've recently been thinking about is a butcher block area. Even with the eventual demolition of a wall in our kitchen nook area to make the kitchen bigger we will not have enough room for an island or anything like that. So I was thinking a butcher block corner. Like this:

(Photo from: http://www.cottageliving.com/cottage/homes/article/0,21135,1139078,00.html)

Kind of cool, uh? Okay, enough dreaming...I'm starting to get depressed. :)


orc said...

I don't know about putting a butcherblock into a corner; wouldn't it be difficult to get to it when you need to use it? We've got a 30x30 butcherblock, and it's at the end of one of our kitchen counters so we can get to it from two directions, and that's barely enough. (We have a fairly misshapen kitchen as a result of our house having gone through some rough years of being student housing, so we don't have the room to put it out at the end of a stub peninsula.)

The soapstone *is* pretty. Too bad it's barkingly expensive.

carmen said...

good point...i didn't really think about not being able to utilize the butcher block completely if it is in a corner. i guess when we actually get around to configuring the kitchen we'll have to see if we can fit in anywhere else. being that i am, by no means, a gourmet cook i could probably live without the butcher block. but i don't know about not having that soapstone. this is the one instances where i can say it is a good thing our kitchen is ridiculously small so there wouldn't be too much counterspace anyways!

erin t.g. said...

You are hilarious. With your soapstone and your butcher block. I am loving this blog.

orc said...

Oh, no, no, butcher blocks aren't just for gourmet cooks. Even if you're just pottering around in the kitchen a butcher block makes a terrific dedicated space for chopping things up without worrying about destroying the edge of your knives. (Cutting boards are okay for chopping, but they require two places; one for cutting, one for storing. And if you're as disorganized as my household is, you may not have either of those places easily available. We tend to use our cutting boards in the dining room, because it's a pain clearing counterspace in the kitchen.)

And if you spring for the soapstone, you'll need to have a cutting area that won't dull the knives if they even look at it.

Anonymous said...

Hey neighbor, do you have electricity yet?
Anyway, about the soapstone, last year the on the Benton home tour, a house on Audobon? had a kitchen with soapstone that they themselves installed. I met this couple at the "Regata", but of course can not think of their names. I'll let you know if I come across them again.