Indianapolis Bungalow Initiative

The contact person for the Indianapolis Bungalow Initiative did contact me, however, I was in Florida at the time and I haven't even tried to get back to her as of yet. (I'm terrible! I complain and then I slack. Shame on me.) But there is in fact an attempt to start an initiative here in Indy similar to the one in Chicago. Somehow the meeting date information was incorrect so that's the reason Chad and I missed the meeting. When I receive more information regarding the Indianapolis Bungalow Initiative I will post it here for those persons locally that are interested in becoming involved.

This post is actually a question to the local people who may read this blog. Last week in my Irvington newsletter there was a blurb about a meeting that was supposed to occur to discuss the possibility of an Indianapolis Bungalow Initiative. (From the limited information I have, it appears as if it will be modeled after the Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative).
Chad and I were/are really interested in becoming involved in the formation of the initiative in Indianapolis. However, the meeting didn't happen and I have received no replies to my emails to the contact person.
Does anyone have any information regarding the proposed initiative for Indianapolis?


Brian said...

From what I understand, this is modeled after the Chicago Bungalow Initiative. I sit on the board of the Historic Urban Neighborhoods of Indianapolis with Sue Zilschesdasdd.......I can't spell her last name....and she mentioned something about it to me several months ago at a meeting. Sue lives in Broad Ripple and helped organize the Bungalows of Broad Ripple tour that started this year. Not sure why she hasn't responded but glad to see you are interested. We're hoping to participate as well but we couldn't make the meeting....if there actually was one.

Also, thank Chad for his email about the insulation. I just haven't had time to respond. Oh and the Budget Blinds....we're meeting with them next weekend.

rachel said...

Local lurker here delurking to say this post is the first I've of heard of such an initiative, but I know we'd be really interested in getting involved as well. (We're in a bungalow up in Little Flower.)