home improvements and baby have arrived!!

so a LOT has happened since my last post.  the most important is that baby arrived on october 19.  coming in a very close second and third is that the floors were refinished and we now have painted walls in ... (wait for it) ... not one but three bedrooms and a hallway.  some people might be like: what's the big deal, paint?  but seriously, i have waited six and a half long years for these precious moments.  and we're enjoying the baby too, thank you.  :)

here are some before and after pics

living room before:

 living room after:

dining room before (sorry for the poor quality):

dining room after (during, actually.  this was after the first coat of polyurethane, hence why the floors are super shiny in this picture).

this is a pic of the nursery in late july:

this is what it looked like about two weeks ago.  it actually looks a little better now but i haven't had time to take a new picture!  {uh, babies take a lot of time, did you know that??}

and the holes from our insulation have been filled & sanded, new drywall put up and the walls painted.  chad worked so hard during this entire year to get the house in shape for baby.  we're so lucky to have him (and the paint).  life is better with color on the walls.  and, please, pay no attention to the lack of decoration.  all of this work was finished the night before i was induced and we didn't even live here for the month before that day.  so all we had time to do was get the basics moved back in for us to come home from the hospital. 

the guest bedroom last year.  notice the walls.  that is what most of them looked like even in september.

guest bedroom after:


our biggest improvement, Ainsley Harper:

we're still waiting on the damn tile for the bathroom.  but we hope to have that project completed by christmas.  we'll see.


Danielle and Clint said...

CONGRATS!!! She is very beautiful. As for the house, way to go!

Kristen said...

Beautiful, beautiful, all around! Ainsley is a doll, and it must feel soo good to have an improved house to bring her home to!

Liquid Rubber said...

Your baby girl is so cute like an angle God bless her and also your house is also so beautiful thanks for sharing.