ainsley at two weeks

for friends and family near and far...here is an ainsley post for you. 

two weeks (almost three) into this beautiful life!  we returned from the hospital very late, almost midnight, on a thursday evening.  the next week mama (chad's mom) came to stay with us to help out while chad was away at work.  the week after that nana (carmen's mom) helped out.  both grandmas were extremely helpful in assisting with the baby and house duties.  not to mention all of the wonderful friends, family and neighbors that have brought food and other goodies to the house.  we would have starved without all of the cooked meals you provided!

ainsley is a good baby overall.  i believe she mostly has chad's disposition - very laid back about most things.  she does, however, seem to have carmen's short temper in some situations (like when she decides she is hungry - from zero to sixty is how mommy likes to describe it).  she also tends to have some of carmen's looks come across her face (kinda like she is thinking: what the hell is going on here?)

she sleeps well, anywhere from 2 1/2 hour to 4 hour stretches at a time.  last week, however, for a few days we had a growth spurt and she only slept for about an hour at a time and wanted to eat, eat, eat every time she woke up.  i won't go into details here but...ouch.  that's all i'm going to say.  on saturday she lost her cord stump (gross), so tonight she gets her first "real" bath in her whale bathtub. 

this is what ainsley looks like right after she eats.  we call her "punchy" or punch drunk love.  she just gets so sleepy!

some of ainsley's favorite things right now:
  • sleeping
  • eating
  • her flannel blanket made by mama
  • going for walks
  • music (baby mozart and rockabye baby U2, Led Zep, and Pink Floyd.  she has good taste.)
  • her swing (or maybe mom and dad love it when she is in the swing)
  • her daddy
  • whiskers felt on her face from her big sister, shelby
  • being held
  • singing (by her daddy)
  • did i mention eating???
  • car rides
and never to forget our first baby.  this is what poor shelby looks like in the middle of the night when the crying and feeding frenzy ensues.  i love this picture.  i feel like shelby is thinking: can we get some quiet here so i can sleep?

till next time!


ElizabethG said...

Thanks for posting the updates and pictures. She is precious! Love, E&E

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your newest house upgrade!! Ainsley's such a cutie pie!! Sorry I haven't been up there yet...things have been crazy around our place, too! Soon to get crazier...as you well know by now!!

Additionally, your house looks great! LOVE the floors! So pretty! Take care! Tiffany

Anonymous said...


So happy for you and family! Congrats she is beautiful!!!!