ainsley's firsts

the third week of life held some firsts.  a first real bath in the whale bathtub, a first shopping trip, the first time mom and ainsley ventured out alone together, a first bottle and the first time to meet chad's grandparents - mema and papa.  i guess when you are less than a month old there will be a lot of firsts, right?
ainsley really enjoyed her first bath....

until she didn't anymore.  which thankfully was when we were just about finished anyways. 

ainsley, mom and nana went on their first outlet mall shopping trip.  who says three weeks is too young (well, mom was thinking this actually but it turned out to be an okay trip.)  mom didn't realize that she had her camera with her the whole time so all she got was a picture of ainsley's loot. 

and ainsley met mema and papa, chad's grandparents, for the first time.  they were in love - and who can blame them? 

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