last weekend chad and his dad cut the drywall for the baby and spare bedroom:

today my brother, chad and i hung the drywall:



after this weekend i'll have pics of a more complete drywall job.

last weekend i finally finished removing the glue from the baby room closet:


after removing glue:

meanwhile baby is getting closer.  this is me, 31 weeks.  we started our baby classes.  i've had two showers (out of 3 or 4) and we're getting closer to receiving the baby supplies we (think) we'll need.  i just need to find a place to organize it all while the baby room is being finished!

things are moving along.  hopefully paint, floor refinishing, and the bathroom/plumbing will happen soon.  keep you fingers crossed.  till next time!!


Stacy said...

Love watching your nursery come together - looks like a lot of work! My husband and I love the love of the historic bungalows in Irvington - our friends used to live in that area - but definitely don't envy you on the remodeling/renovating that is often involved with those charming homes.

You're preggo pic is cute! I am 33 weeks and 3 days myself - I know so many pregnant ladies right now it isn't even funny. :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy this time before the baby comes. No, big deal if you don't get everything done before the big arrival.... I should know! Congrats on the little one


A lot of work but very rewarding. You have a beautiful home.