here we go....

so here we are.  11 weeks before baby is due to enter this fine world.  the A/C officially is dead.  it went out but was temporarily fixed (leaking freon - nice and "green", i know) but two weekends ago the motor died.  or something like that.  all i know is it is HOT.  and i am miserable.  but they are almost finished installing our new HVAC system.  yeah!

meanwhile, the bathroom tile has been ordered!!!  yes.  ORDERED.  can you believe it?  should be here in 6 to 8 weeks.  leaves a tight time frame, but it is ordered and that apparently is a big step for us here at irvington bungalow.

good news around the house...

the garden and our flower beds are looking good:

the garden is a bit unruly and many things have died off but it is producing ginormous heirloom and grape tomatoes, so i'm happy.

but.  the day i had my first baby shower chad had to begin demo of the bathroom.  when i left the house, the bathroom looked like this (warning, if you are a hard-core preservationist, run away from your computer and this blog post immediately.  you will HATE us for this.. but guess what?  it's our bathroom.):

when i returned it looked like this:

yes, yes.  very, very painful to have to do this to the original tile.  but after years of deliberation we decided it had to be done.  and this has to be done now because the vent in the bathroom is being relocated since the original vent sits where the entrance to our new walk-in shower will be located.  i hated to see this go but we just felt like it is the best thing to do since we plan on being here long term.  judge us if you will. 

so the next few weeks will be a challenge on many, many levels.  thank God we can stay at our in-laws.  for rillz.  till next time.

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