SLOWLY but surely

progress is, in fact, occurring but it is happening slowly.  wouldn't want to switch it up on all of you, now would we??

baby room -
we cleaned out the room, including the closet.  and i have been removing wall paper with the added bonus of a layer of paint!  so fun.

the closet progress.  i still need to remove the glue and then i'm officially finished removing paper in the baby room.  two more closets to go and i'm officially FINISHED!

we took an impromptu day trip to columbus, OH recently.  we went to an architectural salvage store and then out to eat in an area called german village.

we bought a coal shoot door (just like ours but in much better shape), a cold air return grate that matches our original grates we have in the house currently and a pair of sidelight windows.

close-up of the glass:

LOVE this glass!  we're going to use them (eventually) when we finish the attic space for the bedroom.

work still progresses on the duct work for the HVAC.  the tile still hasn't been ordered.  i have no idea why.  ugh.  till next time.

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