more landscaping

although there are a thousand projects to be started, completed or somewhere in between, the main focus this summer has been starting the bathroom remodel and the landscaping. more about the bathroom later, this post is about the landscaping.

chad has been busy implementing his landscape plan developed a few years ago. time and money have forced us to complete it in stages. last year it was the part of the back yard, part of the south side yard, and the north side yard. this year is continuation of the back yard and the south side yard. hopefully next year will be the front yard.
the above pictures show the back yard, the newest bed in the lower left corner and then a new tree, a river birch, with flowers given to us by chad's aunt. the bed in the back left is still under construction. it's our "holding cell" for replacement plants at this point.

this is the side yard. we have three types of hydrangeas in three different beds (hydrangeas are my favorite). currently i have tomato plants and some herbs in this new bed in the side yard but they will be gone at the end of the summer. i'll have to find a new place for them next year!


Anonymous said...

Your yard looks so nice and relaxing! I love how Miss Shelby is standing guard at the end of the sidewalk!

Danielle and Clint said...

I wish my doggies posed like that! Too cute.