living room furniture

i'm in the middle of cleaning out one of our spare bedrooms. i had to take a break because chad and i are getting into squabbles about what to keep and what to pitch. why is it so difficult??

anyways, i'm sure i've mentioned this before but we still have the same furniture in our living room that i had in college. hand-me-down ikea tables and a 20 year-old couch from ethan allen. granted, these things work, but they are by no means permanent (or are they????)

for awhile i wanted an old trunk for the living room table but i can't seem to find a functioning antique one that isn't huge. the good thing about never actually buying anything is that you can change your mind - cost free! so now i think i want this table for our living room:

i like how it is glass and doesn't appear to take up much room. our living room isn't tiny but it isn't huge either. we already have a rug like the one in the picture.

we have an armoire for the tv and stuff right now but i'd like to replace that will a small console table and a flat screen tv.

and i LOVE this armoire for extra storage of movies and books.

why is my wish list always so long?!


Christopher Busta-Peck said...

Your wish list isn't that bad. Really. At least not when compared with my wish list, which could take the rest of my life and then some.

Shannon Hill said...

I just purchased a bookcase at Value City that looks very similar to the one you show here. So far, I'm pleased with it. I have pics up on fb if you want to see :)