closet organized

the weekend of work didn't pan out as we planned, which seems to be business as usual for us. i did get started on cleaning/organizing one of the spare bedrooms but decided it would pointless to finish until we are closer to the yard sale. otherwise it is basically moving piles of crap to the other side of the room. more organized piles of crap, though. i did get my closet organized, though! i mean the closet is like really tiny but i feel like i accomplished something anyways.

the floor - all my shoes were in a tub or on the floor.

now all of my winter boots are in one tub and my flips in another.

on either side shelves held random shoes and shoes in boxes:
i kept the shoes that had boxes in their original boxes. i bought plastic shoeboxes and then took pics of the shoes and ahdered them to the outside. this is so much easier than digging around in a rubbermaid tub!!

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bungalowbliss said...

Oh my. This makes me hang my head in shame. I'm jealous of your mad organization skills--this looks fabulous!