just checking in

so it's been awhile. like i said in the last post, i haven't really been posting on here since i've been out of work and therefore, not much work has progressed on the house.

i gots me a jobby job! how do i feel about this? mixed feelings, really. while it has been SUPER nice having the summer off i'm ready to dive back into the work force (and, more imporantly, a paycheck). i'm really really really ready to get some things done around the house. so you know what this means???

new job = bathroom remodel

as soon as i get that first paycheck we're heading to the tile place to order that beautiful bathroom tile i talked about earlier this year. yeah!

also i was going to be so selfless as to not spend money on the fall mums this year if i didn't have a job. i got one just in time! this weekend we made the transition.

just a small change, i know, but it makes me feel better because i think it makes the front porch look a little less...like we have dead flowers.

hopefully you'll be seeing more of us around in the virtual world again. you're thrilled. i just know it.


Stacy said...

The mums do spruce up the porch a lot!

tinysprouts.com said...

there is nothing better than
1. a covered porch
2. a cover porch with mums
3. a cover porch with mums and a bead board ceiling!!!!