i've come a long way, baby

i really don't know why i used that title on this post. i'm been remiss in writing lately partly because i was in florida all last week and then have been swamped at work this week. but now...ahhh...it is the weekend so i can breathe a little easier now.

oh and both of our cameras are on the outs. i'm going to have to get a new one but just don't have the energy to think about it at the moment. so needless to say, not a lot of housework to talk about or to show which actually renders this post almost totally useless. however i didn't feel right disappointing my one reader (sorry about that tree Brian) so i thought i would post something.

here are some pictures of what i dream our attic bathroom will look like one day. not crazy about that sink, a little too grecian or something for my taste. but you get the general idea.


Brian @ DYSB said...

YAY! I was going through Irvington Bungalow withdrawal.

I was ready to start posting for you.

Sandy said...

Actually you have two readers... I just probably haven't commented. I love that bathroom and wish mine looked like that. The best bathtub in the world is a clawfoot tub!

tinysprouts.com said...

hey, you have 2 readers cause I read!

Emily said...

Looks like you have at least 4 readers! I check your blog almost every day :)