More Pictures Than Usual! (or Fence Progress and Front Porch Rocker)

(Can you tell I don't have a thesis to write anymore or even a job to go to yet? I've been posting more consistently than I ever have in the existence of this blog.)

So our commitment to making few weekend plans this summer is beginning to pay off. Although there is (as per usual) little visual progress to be seen yet, I think we're feeling pretty good about things here at Irvington Bungalow. As promised in the title, I have more pictures than usual posted today so you can get an idea of the fence project we worked on over the weekend. (I should fess up - I only worked on Sunday and sweet Chad worked both days. Despite our pact to dedicate ourselves to the house for most weekends this summer, I've managed to already attend not one, but two annual festivals our World Class City offers each summer. This weekend it was the Vintage Indiana Wine & Food Festival. But if anyone tries to tell you that sampling various Indiana wines in the summer heat isn't hard work - well, they are just wrong!)

I totally digress.

Back to the house stuff. Below is a picture of what the house looked like outside when we bought it. We immediately took out the front landscaping because we foolishly thought that we would have enough money and time to install new landscaping much sooner than we actually will. haha! Anyways, I'm only showing this picture because of that huge tree on the right hand side. It was in the back yard and was taken out (it was dead) very soon after we moved into the house. That was one of the first major changes for the back yard.

This next picture was taken in 2004 and shows two things: (1) Our former dog, Harley, and the primary reason we started building this damn fence in the first place. He could not be trusted to stay in the yard, silly dog. So we were going to build a fence. Some long time readers (haha, all one of you) might remember that Har Bar unexpectedly passed away which consequently was one of the reasons the fence has been put on hold for so long. There just hasn't been a pressing need. (uh, except to get the neighbors to quit asking us when we are going to finish the fence!) (2) The two sidewalks you see in this picture are now gone as well as that bush thing he is laying next to.

This next picture was taken in the fall of 2006. It shows the footings for the fence as well as a new-ish landscaping bed and tree.

The next picture is proof that, when it comes to our house, Chad likes multiple projects. He decided to till up the entire back yard and re-seed it. At the time I was like: Whatever. But now I think that the new grass is so beautiful (as you'll see in the next pics) that I do think it was all worth it. However, the new grass is another reason the fence building has taken so long.

Posted by PicasaThe next two pics are from yesterday and show the progress that was made on the fence over the weekend. First the posts and then the horizontal boards. Probably next weekend we'll install the rest of this side of the fence. It will slightly mimic our neighbor's fence which you can see in the background.
And finally, Chad also put together our stained front porch rockers! They look fab and we are so excited about them!!

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