This is a picture of the house I took the other night. It was taken at dusk and I just thought our flowers and our new front porch light* made the house look homey. My mom says our house doesn't look lived in. I'm trying to prove her wrong.

But don't you just hate the aluminum storm door and windows?? They make me want to puke. Next year is planned to be the year of the outside. Meaning that we'd like to (FINALLY) do the landscaping. Also paint the trim, buy and install new storm doors and storm windows. This year (very soon) will be a new roof. Then I'll say: boo-ya!! The house looks lived-in now!

The storm doors that I would like to get are made by Larson and feature shatterproof glass like the glass that is found in automobile windshields. Check out this link to see a video clip of some dude trying to bust the glass with a baseball bat. The doors will allow us to have a clear view outside if we decide to leave the front door open. Even better - passers-by will be able to see our great front door. Even better than that - I won't have to worry about some scuz off the street breaking the glass on our doors to get inside.

* We actually purchased new lights for the front porch as well as the side porch and for the back of the garage facing the alley. We've only installed the front porch light so far. Once the rest are installed, later this summer, we'll post pics.

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sarah said...

I think your house looks lived in, in fact it positively gleams with coziness. Love the porch light!

Jonathan said...

I think you home looks lively, but I can definately agree with you on the storm-door and storm-windows. I hate the fact that my kickin old school wood door is hidden from view by an large clunky stormdoor. I had taken them off but the winter cold and summer heat made me rethink that decision so they are back up waiting to be replace by a more appealing model.

I am enjoying the reading and appreciate your comments on my site. Looks like you two are definately getting some good work done around the yard.