Fence, Part II

Here is some of the progress that was made on the fence over the weekend. The cross sections were put up on the north side of the house that is adjacent to the neighbor's fence (first picture). Almost all of the tallest and widest boards were installed along the length of the fence. Finally, the first section of the vertical boards were put up. You can see in the close up in the last picture the design Chad came up with. I'm super excited because I think it looks great!! Keep in mind that the top still needs to be arched (or whatever you call it - the top will look similar to the neighbor's fence) but we're waiting till the whole fence is installed to do that.

The very last picture is of the bouquet I bought at the Irvington Farmer's Market held on the second Sunday of every month during summer and early fall. Yesterday was the first one I've been to this season, maybe the first one of the year. The flowers are grown by an Irvingtonian (I think) in her yard - they are always so beautiful!!

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