Outdoor Light and Wire Removal

This shot is similar to what the back of the garage looked like when we moved in a little over two years ago. About a month after we moved in we bought a new light to replace the one you see in the picture to the left. Also note in this picture the wires that are attached to the garage - they were connected to the house and provied electricity to the garage.

In the picture below you can see the wires have been removed and the new light is installed.

Here is a close up of the light turned off...

...and turned on (at Irvington Bungalow we like you to get the full effect). We're pretty excited about the new light and the wire removal - like I've said before - it's the small things. These may not be a huge difference except to those that look at the back yard everyday, uh, probably only Chad and I. :) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here avoiding painting a new fence by googling Cannelton Indiana history. To show how much time I've wasted, your blog turned up on page 15. I googled Cannelton because I am addicted to a website called Historicalproperties.com. My guess is that you would like it too. The Episcopal Diocese has put the house you photographed on the market for $15,000.00. It dates back to 1859, and has over 5000 square feet. Sound appealing?

I live in New Mexico, and have no interest in moving anywhere else - but last year there was a house in Ripley Ohio that I wanted to buy so badly that it hurt! Also an apartment house in Keokuk IA, a little house in Durham NC, etc. I fear that the house in Cannelton will be my next obsession.

The house you photographed across from the grocery store in a later blog is a handsome descendant of the bungalows built by Greene & Greene in Pasadena in the early 20th century. Los Angeles used to be full of similar houses, speculative builders' simplifications of the elaborate G&G craftsmen bungalows. They were built from WWI through the 20's, long after G&G's career had petered out.

Anonymous said...

We have the same type of electrical running to our garage. (Also an Irvington Bungalow) Did you bury the lines? I want to get rid of ours but I'm concerned about messing with the outdoor lines.
Any input would be helpful!!

Rachael said...

Amazing difference. I would love to do the same and open up the backyard. Did you bury the lines or forgo electricity in the garage?