Butcher Block

A while back I talked about wanting a butcher block one day when we remodel our kitchen. I had found a picture of a small one that could fit in a corner or on the end of a kitchen island. Well...ask and you shall receive, right?
A few weekends ago Chad and I went to visit our super cool friends and their a-dar-able retro house they just bought. My friend, Tiffany, said she read on the blog about the butcher block and she had one that she didn't have a need for anymore - so she gave it to us! So nice! I love it. It is the size I wanted but it is so thick, which I happen to like. To the left is the little table it came with. It was painted a red color but I painted it black and distressed it.
This is a perfect fix for our small counterspace until we can have the kitchen remodeled. We decided to just put the microwave on top of it now in the breakfast nook but we plan on trying to incorporate it in our future kitchen. Thanks Tiffany!!

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