Prep for the Wiring

So as I was in the kitchen rewarding Shelby, our dog, with a treat - in part for her successful "speaking" when prompted but also for helping me procrastinate on my paper just a little longer, I heard a noise. Like boards clapping together. So I looked out a window and this is what I saw:

This pile came from our attic where Chad is tearing out the finished from the words "finished attic." I mean, this is a necessity for our re-wiring that I have been fighting, not that the finished attic was nice or anything but certainly nicer than not finished. However, it has to be done so that's how it goes, right? Here is what the attic looked like this morning and what it looks like as of this afternoon:

The paneling has come off (whatever - it was hideous anyways), the carpet is gone (um, it was ugly but now I feel bad that it is going to be in a landfill - along with the paneling - and I won't be able to go up there barefoot as comfortably now) and the ceiling tiles are gone. I complain too much - I should look at this as progress because now we can wire for the fans and lights in the bedrooms which means we're closer to the floors being done and then painting the walls.

Don't you love how everything in old houses is connected to some other project?

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Brian said...

Okay, So I waited over two months from my last post to do another. If you're following my lead, you'll need to have a new post by Aug 12th.