Agggghhhh, finally! The cold and dreary weather was really starting to get me down. I've lived in Indiana long enough to not even think about retiring my winter coats (that's right...coats, plural. Before signing my life over to this house and graduate school I might have had a slight fetish with all things accessories. But I digress...). However, come April I expect some warmth. And this past week it's finally here! I'm very grateful.
So is Chad because that means it's time to start playing in the yard again. A post from last year explained that we went a little tree crazy in our yard. We had the city remove a very large and potentially dangerous tree from our yard. Then we proceeded to plant about nine more trees in our yard. What can we say? We love trees. Anyway, the blue spruce we planted last year died and we just replaced it with another blue spruce. It is planted in a different spot in the yard. We're still trying to decide if we like it there or not.

A project that was started last year and then put on hold for the winter is the back yard fence. The fence you see in the picture above is actually our neighbor's. Ours will be somewhat similar. Chad put the footings in in the fall. That's some kind of vine thing sticking up out of the ground in front of the footing.

Hopefully by the end of the summer the back yard will be fenced. It will be nice to have a little privacy and not to worry about the dog when she's running around the yard expending her lab energy.

Happy Spring!

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