A Tourist In My Own Town

Today I was a tourist in Indianapolis - the city where I was born and have spent most of my life. At work we've been working on some proposed guidelines for new development. Today I had to take pictures downtown of examples of certain design aspects we would like to see when new development is brought into the city. We're attempting to make the city mesh architecturally speaking, I suppose. My job wasn't so bad, as far as assigned work tasks go. It was a beautiful day and I had the opportunity to view the city in a different light. So I thought I would share a few pics for all of those that have never been to the fine city of Indianapolis. Not exactly about home improvement but city improvement is just as important (but I'm an urban planning student so I'm a bit biased). Enjoy!

A view of the city from White River State Park.

St. John Catholic Church. This is across the street from the RCA Dome where the Colts play. Also, and obviously more importantly (haha), the church where Chad and I were married.

Another view of downtown, this time from the canal.

Union Station. A beautiful building that is only being used (to my knowledge) as a banquet facility right now.

Monument Circle. Not the best picture of the Circle, sorry.

The Canal and the Indiana State Museum. Notice the artwork on the wall. This actually is all around the outside of the building. There are examples of artwork that represent something from each county in Indiana.

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Larry said...

I know most of those places very well. I was one of the unruly mountain bikers who used to terrorize the canal and downtown during our nightly "urban assaults". At that time, I lived in Broad Ripple. Now I'm in Greencastle, and 40 minutes away from the constant noise of the city. It's nice, in a way. I do miss having the Monon Trail to use for riding to work, though.

Now I have to hit your archive and read all about your house.... while I'm trying to update my own house blog. lol