We finally got our new shades over the weekend. Chad worked hard to get some of the walls primed before the installation. You can tell the difference between the primed area of the wall and not primed in the upper right corner. This is the first time these walls have seen paint in about 80 years. Amazing, uh? And the walls are beautiful. All of Chad's hard work patching the holes from the insulation is really paying off. You can also see evidence of Chad's house re-wiring project. (yes - right now Chad's pretty much the only that works on this house - my excuse is school. hmmmm....I'll have to find a new excuse after I graduate).
Anyway, the shades are great!! Couldn't be happier. Love them - they are exactly what we had in mind when we first started talking about blinds.
I'm happy because now I feel some actual progress.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carmen,

We bought a house just on the other side of 10th street and we LOVE it. I've been thinking of doing shades like those and now that I see them I really like the way they look. I also love the backsplash pattern you chose. We are thinking of doing a mosaic from old dishes, etc.
Glad to see others taking such pride in the Irvington area!!

Brian said...

Nice shades, we've been looking at getting somthing similar for one of the rooms in our house. Where did you purchase your from?

Katz said...

What Brian said; my wife wants some for our dining room.... and they look fantastic.

carmen said...

Thanks for all of the compliments! We really love the blinds...now all we have to do is paint, get furniture, redo the floors, etc etc...haha! Anyway, we bought them through Budget Blinds. Our representative was great - very friendly and had a good vision of the end look we want for the living and dining rooms. Of course, I can only speak for our experience. If any of you wants any more information I'd be happy to pass it along...just let me know and I'll drop you an email!