Kitchen Dreamin'

Our house suffers from one of the most common ailments of old houses. The kitchen sucks - it was probably last renovated in the 70s. And we, as owners of an old house that has other immediate needs, suffer from another common ailment. Lack of time and money to do all the grand things we have planned for the kitchen - YET. The upside of this is that we have time to use the kitchen and really think about what we'll change when we do get around to the full reno. I'll have to post pics of our kitchen later but I have some pics of the stuff we would like to see.
1. Tear out the wall that divides the kitchen and breakfast nook. This will make our kitchen much bigger. Although still not big by any means. If I had to conservatively guess the dimensions of our kitchen, I'd say, with the wall demo, it will be 11' wide by 22' long. I think. See - small.
2. Cabinets and Counters - really want white cabinets and soapstone counter tops. The picture is my dream kitchen, kind-of. LOVE those cabinets. And the built-ins along the back wall with the storage cabinets under them is something I'd like to see along our back wall. And I love the beadboard. Not sure if those counters are soaptstone but I'd guess no. That's the general look though. They'll be dark like that.

(I'd like to credit where I found this picture from but I have no idea. I found it on the web somewhere last fall.) 3. Appliances - we'll go with either stainless or black. Probably stainless.
4. Tiled backsplash behind the stove ~ love this:

This tile is from Trikeenan Tile Works. We saw it on an episode of This Old House. I just love the randomness of the design and the colors will pull in all the colors of our house.
5. The latest idea I've come up with is a library ladder to reach those shelves in the picture above, along the back wall where the built-ins might be. Not sure if it would work but it would be fun.
6. Floors - thinking maybe cork or some kind of a tile.
Well, that's about it. For now. I'll post some pics of our kitchen as it is now at some point.

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