Long time, no blog

Well, it's been over a month since my last post. Mostly because not that much has been going on house wise. (Why do we even have a home improvement blog, anyway?) Things have been getting back on track lately, though. This weekend we're finally ordering our blinds for the living and dining rooms. I can't wait to get rid of the nasty sheer curtains the PO's left behind. So in preparation for hanging those and getting the floors refinished (which is hopefully happening in about 6 weeks or so) we've been working on the walls again pretty frequently. Chad is filling the holes left in the exterior walls. We have several approximately one inch diameter holes in the exterior walls of the house from the insulation we had foamed in over last summer. So he fills them with plaster compound stuff and then sands them down. He has started with the built-ins in the living room so we can finally get all of our books, CD's, and DVD's back into the bookcases! yeah!!! (A special thanks goes out to all of our guests that stayed in the guest room and listened to my apologies as they made their way through piles of books and DVD's to the guest bed!) And I have been taking more wall paper and the nasty glue left behind off the walls. good times. So now I'm only left with about five walls to scrape glue off of now. That's pretty good! Between work and school and occasionally having a life it's been hard for us to get down to serious work on these walls. Hopefully by the time we hit the two year mark (in May) we'll actually have the walls painted and all of our pictures and stuff on the walls! (I really considered deleting that last line from the blog because it makes us sound so pathetic and lazy. But whatever. Sometimes life gets in the way of the house. Unfortunately.)

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