i love unique furniture

recently i found this armoire at a store that refinishes furniture. i think she mostly does the shabby-chic type of look and i'm not totally into that. i like it here and there but the whole house is a bit of an overload for my taste. but i thought this piece of furniture was so cute...i thought maybe for a future baby room or even in the dining room for extra storage. i bought it white and will paint it when i figure out what i really want to do with it. the other day at lowe's i found this burnt orange paint color. it was among their mess-up custom colors. it was only $5 but was the top of the line pain, which saved us like $35. granted we're going to have to prime the hell out fo the armoire, but i'm so excited to see what it will look like (one day!)

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Anonymous said...

Isn't the mistint shelf the best? This piece is just darling--I love that it can have several uses and easily move from one to the next. Great find!