Marmoleum Kitchen Floor

I was a little bored yesterday so I searched online for pics of marmoleum floors. I stumbled on this photo taken from the 1916 Portland Bungalow blog. Love love love this look for our future kitchen. Even the colors. I think we would consider doing the checkerboard at an angle. I've read that this makes the room look larger. With our limited kitchen square footage we need all the optical illusions we can to make the space look bigger than it is in reality!


Mary said...

So glad you love Marmoleum. Did you know that it has also been certified at a Platinum level for Sustainability? That means it's wears well on your floor and the planet.

candita said...

Just found this doing a search for checkerboard kitchen floors... we're thinking of doing this in our 1929 bungalow! Also in marmoleum. Love it!