living room

what do you think of the new blog look?  i love it.
so another room i'm mulling over lately is our living room.  currently it looks like this:

please don't judge us.  i did finally take care of the laundry after i snapped these photos.  anyways, we are aware that it is horrible.  we are living {as usual} under construction so there are boxes of bathroom tile all over the house. 
back to the the living room.  see the problem {as i see it} is that the room is long {24 feet}, the woodwork is beautiful but it is dark and we will not paint it and the rugs have made the room dark.  {we had to put down two 9x12 rugs so the floors wouldn't get scratched up by dog and baby.}  throw in a dark brown leather couch and ...  do you see where i'm going with this? 
so i think we are going to paint it a light sage green color {i really want to do a sandy tan/cream in the dining and living room but chad wants more color}. 
so i am going to need to lighten up the space with the accents.  i am thinking of repainting our side table and coffee table in an ivory color.  and then throwing down a smaller rug. 

found on ebay

from ikea

i think either of these would lighten up the space.  and then i found a chair at a thriftstore that i want to buy and have reupholstered.

did you know at joann fabric's website you can design your own furniture and accessories.  now you need to have time and patience if you are going to check out it out because it keeps getting stuck.  but what do you think of one of these?

some throw pillows in some different colors and then something done with that desk area.  that's for a different post.  i need some cute storage too.  any ideas for the desk area or storage?


eastsidebungalow said...

Hi, I don't know if you are looking for tips but here are some things you could think about. I have lived in many old homes with dark woodwork and it always made a huge difference when I painted the walls a deep color. Don't be afraid of color and go a little darker. It actually balances out the woodwork and it doesn't seem that dark afterward. The white walls always suck the life out of a room. We have a dark green in our living room and a deep terracotta color in our dining room and people always comment on how comfortable our house feels.(I don't have pics on my blog but if you want to see them, let me know and I will put some up) With darker walls think about more accent/task lighting. We never even use our overhead light in our living room because it doesn't feel right. Try to get as much sunlight in your space during the day. If you are concerned about privacy, go for something that will obscure but not block light for the daytime. And a focal point over your very lovely fireplace will be exciting and can have the potential to bring in a lighter accent.

Sharon said...

Green will be lovely; all the fabrics you showed looked good. Maybe you should divide the space with two seating areas and use two smaller rugs. Or maybe it would help to put in more lights.

carmen said...

thanks for the comments! i think i will go for color on the walls but keep the decorating colors to a minimum. i'm thinking white, creams, naturals, with pops of yellow, maybe. thanks again for your ideas!

Marianne said...

I love the new look of the blog! As for the chair coverings, I think the first is my favorite, although the one with the vines caught my eye as well.