a week in review

a week has passed since my last post. my 2010 blog goal is to post twice a week and already i've fallen behind. so here's a post about the comings and goings at irvington bungalow this week, sans pictures (boring, i know):
  • last weekend more shifting and sorting occurred as we try to clean up the house and make room for baby in the fall, currently stuff is still sitting in the dining and living rooms waiting to be donated or organized and stored.
  • we have decided to not participate in our local CSA this year, instead i have been planning some container gardens and a very small garden in the backyard. i'll supplement with trips to the farmer's market. this weekend i'm going to plant lettuce, carrots, broccoli and maybe garlic.
  • we received the tile samples and have decided on one color (post to come this weekend). we're still trying to decide on the floor colors. i should say we're still trying to agree on the floor colors. i'm afraid the bathroom is going to be too "art deco".
  • we also received the light from rejuvenation for the baby room. i LOVE it except that i think it may be too large. chad will have to hold it up so i can get a visual.
  • chad is busy with work and the neighborhood and a walgreens that wants to tear down a house in the hood. not cool.
  • i am busy trying to enjoy my entrance into my second trimester. i'm starting to get a little belly and am driving myself crazy thinking about baby stuff. hence the garden planning now! i need a break.

i'll post again this weekend after we download some pictures! happy friday.

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bungalowbliss said...

What house is in danger of demo? I found out about the old Crowder's building by Methodist--on-board to do something about saving that but didn't realize we had a threat in our own backyard. Whatever I help I can lend (voice, muscle, etc.), let me know!