A Peek Into the Past

Recently we received a fabulous gift - a copy of an article about our very own Irvington Bungalow published in a 1928 (the year our house was completed) edition or our local newspaper. The article is written in a section of the paper called Builder's Clinic (I think this is the entire title but it is cut-off so there could be more). The article is basically to entice people to come look at the new bungalow at its open house. We had heard from a few neighbors that our home may have been one of the model homes for our section of Irvington - maybe this article is proof, who knows? It gives information about who designed and built our house, the brick manufacturers, and who supplied other materials for the home. There is also very detailed information about what the house looked like inside and out - the color of the wallpaper, the wood trim and floor, the bricks and tile on the fireplace, the kitchen trim and floor, the bathroom tiles and wallpaper, the outside trim. There is even a decent sized picture of the outside of our house as it looked in 1928! In addition, there are advertisements for various home building materials around the article that refer to supplying their goods for our home.

Fortunately for us most of the house has remained the same as the description of it as published in the 1928 article (we had suspected not much had changed over the course of time, which has made things easier for us). The kitchen is decorated much differently now and the grey wallpaper was no longer on the walls when we bought the house but other than that things are pretty much in tact. I can't even describe how happy I was to read this great piece of history about our house. So neat!!


Katz said...

Oh wow! Congrats!

I heard similar rumors about our house. One thing our house has that is weird is/was doorways between all the bedrooms. Some of them are plastered in but it's obvious there were doors there.

Did the article mention anything about Buckeye builders or Buckeye Real Estate?sc0x3nix

casacaudill said...

What a fun find!