Need New Plumbing ASAP!

In an attempt to keep myself busy while I find a job, I decided to continue with my spring cleaning (slowly but surely I'll finish - although it will probably be fall by the time it all is really done). So the refrigerator was the next step. Unfortunately I needed to throw out some things and, given that trash day is a few days away, I used my disposal.
Or I tried to use my disposal:

Disgusting!! This is so gross. I mean, call me crazy that I think a disposal should actually WORK. Anyways, this means that we are definitely updating all of the plumbing this summer. ugh. (Neighbors - this is why there is no progress on the outside yet ... last summer we re-wired the entire house and this summer plumbing. We promise one day we will actually have the fence up, the walls painted, and some landscaping installed)!!
(ps: Please don't be jealous of the faux wood laminate counters. They are pretty swanky.)

I had to wash my dishes in the bathroom. Nice.
Below is a picture of Shelby while I was washing dishes in the bath sink and drying them in the tub. She looks as if she is questioning my sanity (and I was).
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sarah said...

I've seen that sight way too often in our own sink. Found out that regular weekly flushings with baking soda, vinegar and boiling water do seem to make a big difference. Also, ice cubes and rock salt help keep the blades clean and honed, so grind some up at least once a month! My sympathies, plumbing is one of those areas where problems always seem impossible to live with.