Possible Porch Lights

For the past few months we've been looking at ways to light our front porch and our side entrance. The house came with lights for both but about 10 months after moving in our front porch light just decided to quit working. Not altogether shocking but kind-of annoying - more so when people are coming over and we have no way to light up the front porch. We haven't been that aggressive in looking at lights thus far because Chad is in the process of re-wiring the house anyway so it will be a few months before we have totally switched over. In the mean time, it gives us time to to research and dream about "One Day." (When aren't we doing that?!)

We've looked several places, mostly online. One of our strong finalists has come down to Old California Lantern Company. They have some great looking products although we haven't talked to anyone who has bought anything from them. (If anyone out there has any experiences - let us know!)

Specifically, we're looking at the 40 Hillcrest series. Here is the one for the front porch:

Below is the light we're considering for the side porch. That porch is built differently so we'll have a hanging light there. I'm not too crazy about the link chain it hangs from but I love the light fixture. Of course, both lights will be in the same finish. Probably very similar to what is shown in the image above.

Hopefully we'll be getting these sometime in the next few months. There will definitely be a pic on here once they are installed!

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